Basic SEO process in 2020 to get more traffic to your website

16Mar, 2017

SEO 2019 – Game Changing Process

As recent surveys reveal that google algorithm keep changing continually and google incorporate their code to give best results to genuine optimization Technics and penalize the sites if Spam (black hat SEO) techniques found.

Spoke person from google said, mobile first index also plays key role in upcoming days gave us a hint that google have been started to implement that in their code.

In these scenarios, SEO in 2020 is big game changing year. Isn’t it?

SEO Process in Steps:

1)Choose you keyword

2)Compare the top SERP (Search Engine Results Page) using that keyword

3)Find the top website in SERP and check their number of back links

Suggestion: Use “SEOquake” chrome extension from here

4)Create a strategy how to build better and user intent content than top results showing in SERP

5)Set the page with keywords by following all “On Page Optimization” techniques which we will discuss in following paragraph

5)Start optimizing pages by forming more back links than top competitors in SERP for that keyword.

On Page Optimization:

1)Selection of keywords: Keywords selection is very broad concept and very important step in SEO. MOZ has free keyword tool for which calculate different metrics like difficulty score, competition level and search volume etc. To get complete guidance on how to choose keyword visit our recent blog

2)Optimization of Tags: Every website should have some tags to get optimize in search results. 

Meta Title Tag

Meta Description

Meta Title: It is the Title of the page and it is not visible to users and this is for search engine

Points to remember:

  1. Title should be 50 to 60 characters length to display entire Title in search results.
  2. Keyword must be placed in Title
  3. To get better results, Title tag start with keyword

Meta Description: Meta description is a short brief note of the page. It shows what the page is all about.

Points to remember:

  1. Description should be within 150 characters
  2. Keyword should be placed 1 time in any part of it
  3. Description starting with keyword perform better

3)URL optimization:

  1. A) Place the keyword in URL
  2. B) Use only DASH (-) to separate the words in URL path

4)Content optimization:

Some people in SEO industry against keyword placement in content. Sometimes it works or may not works depends on competition and other factors.

As per my experience it is better to place the keyword in following areas

  1. H1 heading of the content (H1 Start with selected keyword give better results)
  2. Maintain keyword density without fall under Keyword Stuffing (Optimal keywords repetition is 2 keywords for 200 words)
  3. Use h2, h3 …. Headings
  4. Don’t forget give internal links to another relevant page that will improve user experience.
  5. Apart from main keyword use relevant keywords to main keyword in the content (1 time)

Off Page Optimization:

For off page optimization, the first thing that comes every one mind is backlinks. We know how hard it is to form backlinks. Links that are coming from outside sources called as backlinks. These backlinks show how the website is valuable and authoritative. As we all know Number of backlinks and Quality backlinks are important to push top position in google indexing. There are different Techniques available in backlinks to get quality backlinks.

Here I want to give some additional techniques that you never heard before. Please keep reading……

Broadly Backlinks are for two purposes:

1)Guest Posting: There are number of sites to take content and publish them in their website for their readers. This is good strategy to follow to get backlinks from articles published.

Question is how to find these guest posting sites? Please keep reading till the end to get all these resources.

2)Press Release: Press releases are publication of news about product launches and other news. These back links increase domain authority very fast.

3)Social Networking Sites: Though some social networks are “no follow”, but still these links help to get ranking signals.

4)Blogger Outreach: There are number of bloggers but find the relevant bloggers as per niche and reach them to publish the content will boost website ranking and it is valuable for domain authority.  Remember that avoid Spam tactics like link exchanges and buying links etc.…. Write valuable content that entice the readers of that blogger which automatically acceptable by any one.

5)Forum Discussions: Forums are the discussion places where users can discuss on specific topics. These are the best places to bring links if we use them in proper way. Keep in mind that different forums are different settings for example some forums are specifically for some nations and some are not accepting general content. Active participation in relevant niche forums and solve the participant queries give value to the website.

6)Directory Submission: All are thinking that directories are become worthless but there are few directories that give good online presence which might help to increase ranking.

I know you are all waiting for techniques to find above sites, Right? Here we go

 1)Google Alerts: Create google alerts using your Gmail account and get regular updates to your inbox. Use different keywords relevant to your business and get the content updates. Reach the website administrators or editors for posting your content as well.

This is very simple set google alerts. Follow this link

2)Social Media Hashtags (#): Hashtags play key for searching something in some social media channels like twitter. Use hashtags with keywords to derive relevant results. Find the posts from pages and persons and reach them to build relationships. Ask them to publish links in their blogs or websites.

My favorite  free tools:

Paid tool:

3)Competitors back links: It is part of competitors research. Pull out the back links of competitors using tools and contact them website administrators. They are usually not reply to your mail hence you must reach them with enticing content or strategy.

My Favorite Free tool –

4)Broken Link finder: This is one of the best strategies to get links from 404 error pages. This is good strategy, but it is not my favorite in back link formation. There are number tools to finds these links. Contact concerned person with relevant content to replace that broken link with working link will increase back-links which means increase of authority and value of website.

Useful tools to check broken links

Free tool –

Paid tool – (Suggested)


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